Friday, March 28, 2014

Colonial Williamsburg Reproduction

This home is currently on the market near Kansas City.  It was built in the 1950's to look like a Williamsburg colonial.  The interiors look like they're straight out of a movie with Cary Grant!
I kept imagining Myrna Loy coming around the corner and talking to the painter about her paint colors.

While I was looking at this listing I kept thinking, 
"This looks like a house in an old black & white movie that just came out in Technicolor!"

So fun to look at...thought someone else might enjoy it!

Photos: Reece & Nichols

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adding Character to a Suburban Home

Recently, I added a few things to my kitchen and back hallway (between the kitchen and garage) to try and give my not-so-old home some older-house charm.  A couple of years ago, I won these antique brass light fixtures on ebay.  They came from a 1914 Colonial Revival house.  Last week, I finally had the electrician over to install them, after we had resolved a leak in the kitchen ceiling.  See the stains that I still need to paint?  (smile) At one point, during heavy rains, we had water dripping down through the light box and down the fixture...scary!

These lights have larger-than-normal sockets, so I ordered real wax-dipped candle sleeves from Lumiere, a company I learned about from Joni, at For the Love of a House.  I was able to use a 10% discount, via her inspiring blog, with the code FLOH.  These high quality candle sleeves come in a variety of sizes, including custom, and are such a pretty detail on these old lights. 

Making progress on the kitchen.  All the dark woodwork is now painted white
and the walls are a softer blue with gray undertones.

My favorite orange tulips are at Trader Joe's again.  Dreaming of spring...

In addition to adding antique lighting, I installed some pretty little grilles for the fresh air return vents.  These aluminum grilles came from Reggio Registers.  They may be aluminum, but they're a bit heavy, so they need to be firmly mounted into the studs for safety.  I painted the insides of the vents black, so the pattern would be in greater relief, while the actual grilles were painted the same color as the walls.  They are so much more interesting than the old louvered grilles.

And in the back hallway...

Added this cute little pendant to replace a blah can light.
This is the sister light to the chandelier over the kitchen table.  

And another grille from Reggio to add some old house charm.

Simple changes, but they sure do seem to add a little charm 
by replacing their builder-grade counterparts!  

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Monogrammed Stenciled Chevron Baby Shower Invitations

My sisters and I recently hosted a baby shower for another one of our sisters, who is expecting a girl.  I was in charge of the invites.  My little sister loves the chevron pattern, and will have it in the nursery, so I wanted to make cards with this pattern, but I was having a very difficult time finding card stock in the colors I had in mind.  

Then, at Michael's, this caught my eye...

They have chevron spray stencils in the paper section!  

I bought some soft pink cardstock and cut it into four equal sized cards.
The shower details were printed on the back.  I also found white envelopes in a compatible size.

Then I set up a tarp in the garage and started spraying cards.

This is the color of paint I used.  I sprayed it on lightly until I got the coverage I wanted.  To me, the cards looked better when I sprayed a lighter, more "speckled" line vs. going for a heavier, more solid line. The lighter spray gave a nice, soft, hand-crafted look.  The paint dried in less than 10 minutes.  I was able to do 2-4 cards at a time and then the stencil needed to dry out before I used it again.

After all the cards were dry, I printed out a lower case "b" on white cardstock for my sister's last name. I used a scalloped punch to cut them out and then glued them onto the cards.

This was a really fun project and I think I might make some more for my daughter to use as thank you notes or pretty Valentine's Day cards.  It would also be really cute to frame something like this up for a little girl's room.  Maybe I'll do that when I find out the name of my new little niece!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Call Me Bond...Emily Bond

Just ordered this Labrador Ticking fabric from Emily Bond.

Her fabrics are printed in the UK on Scottish woven linen and include many whimsical patterns including animals, vegetables, and sailboats to name a few.  Her designs are super cute and reflect her love of the English countryside.  Just love this dog print!

The silhouettes remind me of our Vizsla, Mili, and this fabric will be used to make new curtains for the door in our back hallway/mudroom.  This hard working little hallway is long overdue for an update and is quickly taking shape with just a little paint and fabric...

And I should have enough left over to make a couple of tea towels for the kitchen.
I get a little giddy over pretty fabrics.  As a kid, my grandmother would send me home with scraps of fabric or old pattern books from her sewing room and I would be entertained for days.
Guess not much has changed!

All images via
Emily Bond fabric available in U.S. through interior designers.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Stillness of January

Loved every minute of Christmas, but now enjoying the quiet and paring down 
that follows in January...

*Happy 2014*

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Around our Home

This year I felt the need for simplicity at Christmas. 

We put out fewer things, but everything held meaning for our family.
The little creche, above, was the first thing we purchased for our home 
after we were married.  Many things were made by the kids or were ornaments and toys 
from our own childhood.  We used simple greens, bulbs, poinsettias, 
linen, burlap and touches of red.  And we tried to focus less on the material things,
and more on the reason for the season.

Simple unadorned garlands were a refreshing change.

Vintage German car that was my husband's as a child.

Silent night, holy night...

Our German Christmas pyramid added a warm glow to the kitchen table 
throughout Advent and Christmas.

Mini canvas painted by a friend.

Advent calendars

Keeping it simple, with no garland on the sideboard or the usual wreath hanging on the mirror.

Packages wrapped with recycled bulbs from the Plaza lighting ceremony,
which were this year's ornaments for the kids.

By far, our favorite gifts this year...clay nativities made by the kids at Wolf Creek Art Studio.

Gabriel  (note the nativity "chicken" in front of Joseph's staff!  :)

Simple linen stockings that I made a couple of seasons ago for the kids.

Waiting with joyful hope...

This chalk Nativity drawn by Gabriel has been one of my favorite "decorations" this Christmas.  
So innocent and pure.

May the blessings of Christmas be present throughout the new year for you and your loved ones...